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Duel Masters TCG God of Abyss Vol. 01 "Legendary Evil God" [DM22-RP1] (Japanese)

Pre-Order, Estimated Release on 17th September 2022

When Kirifuda is in hand, Duema is dyed in darkness ――――

Abyss Rush

Summon a creature from the graveyard, and that creature can attack the player immediately that turn!
It must be put on the bottom of the deck at the end of the turn, but it's a new ability with outstanding surprise attack.
Some of the new races of Abyss Royale originally have it, and it can also be given to Abyss creatures with 《Emperor Abyssbel Jashin》.



A new card with two card types, Tamaseed and Creature!
As with Twinpact cards, each card type's support, such as search and collection, can be shared.
In the battle zone, if you meet the conditions, you can follow it as a creature.

Civil Count

A new ability that can be used additionally if there are more than the designated civilization and number of creatures or tamaseeds in the battle zone!
Both creatures and spells exist, so use them according to the situation.


Product content

■ 1 pack contains 5 pieces 1BOX contains 30 packs
Release date September 17, 2022 (Saturday)
Suggested retail price 1 pack 176 yen (tax included)
1BOX 5,280 yen (tax included)
New series from September, the first expansion pack that will be the basis of God of Abyss!

Abyss royals revived from the abyss spark a new battle in Duema! Includes many cards with "Tamaseed/Creature", which has two properties of Tamased and Creature, and "Sybil Count", which gives additional effects when the number of specific cards in the field increases!

The new highest rarity " Over Rare " is now available! New foil is used for both Super Rare and Very Rare! If you get the [“Legendary Evil God” Invitation from the Abyss]

, which will be released at the same time, you can get the over-rare 《Abyssbel Jashin Emperor》 and Abyss Royale all at once! 20th Rare, 20th SP Rare, and 20th SP Gold Rare will be changed to Secret Rare , Secret SP (Special) Rare , and Secret SP (Special) Gold Rare , with different frames and names! Some of them include multiple world-class painting cards ! Treasure is also continuing, and this also adopts new foil ! In addition, collaboration cards with special illustrations by famous cards and gorgeous creators will continue!

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