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Vividz Extra Pack 03 "Collaboration: Noripro" [VE03] (Japanese)

This item is limited to 12 per household.
5 cards in 1 package & 6 packages in 1 box. 30cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 50 kinds of toys.

- Participate in [Nori Pro] at Vividz!? All the cards in the pack are holo cards!

[Vividz's first collaboration pack is here! ]
- A collaboration between the popular Vtuber [Nori Pro] and Vividz!
- Familiar Vtubers such as [Tamaki Inuyama] and [Legrush Lionheart] will appear as cards with beautiful illustrations!
- Also pay attention to the newly drawn illustrations by Nori Pro's illustrator [Yuzuru Himesaki]!
-In addition, many cards with luxurious processing such as [foil stamped sign cards] have also appeared, making them highly collectible!

[[Nori Pro] Vtuber's autograph included!?]
- 1 special pack containing 1 limited PR card is included in the box!
- Combine cards from packs to strengthen your deck!
- In addition, special packs rarely include autographed cards, making opening the box even more fun!

- R (rare): 35 types / SR (super rare): 10 types + SSR (super special rare): 5 types

* Rare and super rare are holo specifications. Super special rare is holo + foil stamping specification.

Item Size/Weight : 15 x 14.5 x 2.8 cm / 120g