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(Whole Set 70tix) Ichiban Kuji NCT127 (TBD)

Double Chance is AVAILABLE for this set!!

TAEIL Award Prize - TAEIL Award
JOHNNY Award Prize - JOHNNY Award
TAEYONG Award Prize - TAEYONG Award
YUTA Award Prize - YUTA Award
DOYOUNG Award Prize - DOYOUNG Award
○ JAEHYUN Award Prize - JAEHYUN Award
○ JUNGWOO Award Prize - JUNGWOO Award
○ MARK Award Prize - MARK Award

○ Clear Tote Bag Award Prize - Clear Tote Bag Award
○ Square Porch Award Prize -Square Porch Award
○ Rubber Strap Award Prize - Rubber Strap Award
○ Acrylic Charm Award Prize -  Acrylic Charm Award
○ Hand Towel Award Prize - Hand Towel Award
○ Last One Prize - Visual Art Towel
○ Double Chance Campaign - Visual Art Towel

Whole Set Kuji got 70tix

Please look forward to the follow-up report!

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