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Duel Masters TCG Start Win Deck "Evil God From Abyss" [DM22-SD1] (Japanese)

Pre-Order, Estimated Release on 17th September 2022

A start deck that allows you to start Duema immediately with the new race Abyss Royal!

Perfect for starting Duema!

Mochiron has all the cards you need! There is also a commentary guide for rules and tips for drawing out the strength of this deck!
Includes 3 battle-grade super rares! It is recommended to strengthen this deck with expansion packs!

Master the new special move "Abyss Rush"!

"Abyss Royale" is an army of darkness that emerged from the "Abyss"! Their new Special Move "Abyss Rush" can come out of the Graveyard and attack the opponent suddenly! Experience the dark civilization strategy of the new era!

Get "Tamaseed/Creature"!

A new card type "Tama Seed" that appeared in April. Surprisingly this time, by fulfilling the conditions, it will become a creature and rampage! Tamaseed is easy to remain in the field, so you can steadily achieve the conditions! Let's make full use of the new card "Delicious twice with one"!

You might win a Secret SP Gold Rare!

If you're lucky, you can get the enclosed "Ruler of the Abyss, Jashin" in the "Secret SP Gold Rare" version that shines in gold!

Product content

DM22-SD1 Duel Masters TCG Start WIN Deck Evil God From Abyss
■ 40 cards included ■ 1 guidebook
Release date September 10, 2022 (Saturday)
Suggested retail price 990 yen (tax included)
You can play as soon as you open it! A start deck that even beginners can start Duema right away!

Includes 3 super rares!
You can come out of the graveyard and immediately attack your opponent! Seize victory with Dark Civilization's new special move "Abyss Rush"!

There is a rare deck that has a special processed version of one of the super rare cards!

Recording card

2: Ruler of the Abyss,
1 Jashin, 3 Cup: Gallup , 4:
Tebur Zazaam,
4: Hamma: Damma ,
4: Bel-Gerair
, 2: Super Demon Hand,
2: Knife: Alife , 2
: Rudolph Karnak,
2: School Man 3
Fork-Fok , 4
Medicine Doctor, 4 Hemoguro , 2
Special Attack Doll Jenny , 4
Abyss Table
, Otakara Attakara

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