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Duel Masters TCG "Legendary Evil God" Invitation from the Abyss [DM22-SP1] (Japanese)

Pre-Order, Estimated Release on 17th September 2022

You can get the new highest rarity "Over Rare" and the new race Abyss Royal at once!

Set product with 8 packs!

God of Abyss Part 1 "Legendary Evil God" 7 packs and 1 invitation pack!

The invitation pack is super gorgeous!

The invitation pack contains the highest rarity "Over Rare" and the trump card of the new protagonist, "Emperor Abyssbel Jacin", and 4 special illustrations of Abyss Royal!





Now comes with a sleeve!

For each purchase, you will receive a random set of sleeves (20 pieces) from all 4 types!
* Some stores do not carry out.
*The number of prizes is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.

Product content

■ 40 cards ■ 7 expansion packs DM22-RP1
■ Invitation pack (5 foil cards) 1 pack
Release date Saturday, September 17, 2022
Suggested retail price 1,815 yen (tax included)
DM22-RP1 God of Abyss 1st "Legendary Evil God" 7 packs and 1 "Invitation Pack" are set, and the new hero's trump card "Emperor Abisbel = Jashin" with the highest rarity "Over Rare" is immediately available. Special item available!

One of the cards in the "Invitation Pack" is 《Emperor Abyssbel Jashin》 (same illustration as God of Abyss Vol.1 "Legendary Evil God" version)!
The remaining 4 《Knife-Alive》, 《Falk-Fok》, 《Keylock-Debok》 and 《Spoon-Npus》 go great with 《Emperor Abyssbel Jashin》! In addition, these 4 cards have different illustrations from the pack version!

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