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Dragon Shield Magic Carpet XL - Red/Black (Storage Box + Playmat)

Burning Red exterior and deep Black interior.

Dragon Shield Magic Carpet XL is a combined storage box and playmat that offers an easy and elegant way to store and transport lots of cards. It features an exclusive tough 'Dragon Skin' exterior and a smooth satin lined interior combined with a strong magnetic seal to keep cards safe.
A Magic Carpet is made up of two seperate elements that fit perfectly together: a rugged playmat which wraps tightly around the spacious storage box. The included carrying strap makes the Magic Carpet XL easy to transport, provides even safer closure of the box, and allows you to carry up to eight additional playmats.

The Magic Carpet XL makes an excellent MTG Cube deckbox when combined with Cube Shells!

The Magic Carpet XL can hold;

  • 48 Cube Shells
  • 14 Standard Size Dragon Shield 100 ct. sleeve boxes
  • 10 Dragon Shield Deck Shells
  • 2100+ unsleeved cards
  • 1100+ single sleeved cards
  • or
  • 970+ double-sleeved cards

You can also fit Dragon Shield Strongboxes, Four-compartment-boxes and extra Playmats inside. Perfect for bringing your Cube, sorting your collection or going to board game nights. Available in Light Grey, Blue, Black, Red and Green.

 Dragon Shield
Product Material
Cardboard/PU cover w. Duchesse satin cloth + Polyester velvet-look cloth
Product Size
Measures 365x115x180mm.