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Build Divide - Booster - "Hear the Dragon`s Cry, O Wind!" Vol.12 (Japanese)

This item is limited to 3 per household.
7 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. 112 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 86+118 kinds of cards.
(C)build-divide project

- The 3rd season has begun! The ``leading ace'' representing this season has appeared!
- A new strategy using multiple territory cards!?
- Autographed cards with anime voice actors included!!

- Building Divide 3rd season opens!!! Challenge with new tactics!
- New season ace [Reda] and [Yugao] appear!!
- Appeared in the 10th installment `White Wolf's Sanka` youngest sister [white wolf guardian Yugao] and `Badratos's sister` [Charity Dragon Princess Reda] appeared!
- Along with SD's [Lyle] [Griselda] and others, the ace who will lead the 3rd season as a [protagonist]!!

- A new gimmick that uses multiple territory cards!
- 1 Territory card per deck. A new gimmick ace that makes full use of multiple territory cards by modifying the basic rules of the building divide is now available!
- With the introduction of the external deck [D deck] rule, the gameplay of the building divide will further evolve!

- Divide Rare, Secret, Premier Territory, and Rebuild Rare will continue to be included.
- Divide Rare [Charity Dragon Princess Reda] and Rebuild Rare [Soul Bettor Bloom]!
-Two types of parallels with beautiful illustrations drawn by toi8 and stamped signatures of Mr. Bloom (Inori Minase) and Mr. Teruhito Kurabe (Yuto Uemura)!
- 6 types of [Premier Territory] and 6 types of [Secret]!

- 41 pieces (card size: 63 x 88)
- All 86 types + 118 parallel types
- N40, R28, SR10, UR6, Rebuild Rare (RR) 2, Parallel Rare 105, Divide Rare (DR) 1, SC 6, Premier Territory (PT) 6

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