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Broccoli Sleeve Protector Emboss & Clear S Size [BSP-13]

Broccoli sleeve protector is a protector that responds to the needs of card game users and is particular about quality.

○ Difficult-to-slip and warp-resistant processing. The original melt-cut sealing finish is adopted to realize a diffusive- and warp-free protector 
○ Completely domestically produced safe quality material, fully processed domestically, including processing and set Achieves reliable quality.

・ "Broccoli Sleeve Protector S" is layered over the mini character sleeve to protect the card from scratches and dirt. You can also use it as an inner for a standard size character sleeve.

Quantity: 80pcs per pack
Size: length 91.0 x width 64.5 mm
(for sleeve protectors and character sleeves for mini size cards!)

Emboss & Clear [BSP-13]

New release !! Both outstanding transparency and shuffle feeling !! A
new lineup "Emboss & Clear" has appeared in the "Broccoli Sleeve Protector" series!
Achieve a smooth shuffle feeling with a rough film!
High transparency and good visibility!

○ Achieve the best shuffle feeling with embossed film!
 A combination of an embossed transparent film with a rough texture and a smooth transparent film. Also, because it is more transparent than the matte type, the cards and sleeves inside are easy to see!
○ Completely domestic production, made of safe and reliable broccoli!
 Since multiple films are stuck together, it is a durable and long-lasting protector.
 The side processing is an original melt cut sealing specification.
 It is a protector that is hard to salmon and warp because it is finished by processing with excellent strength!