Finally… the very first officially licensed premium deck box designed specifically for the needs and requirements of Cardfight!! Vanguard players.

Coming in 6 different colors, all six different nations are represented with their matching color and the innovative metal-plated lock with the nation’s symbol at the front. The Cardfight!! Vanguard Nation’s Vault is perfectly sized to hold a full deck of up to 50 cards, even double-sleeved. In addition, there are 2 protected pockets to present and safely store up to 4 special sleeved cards.

But that’s not all: it also contains a drawer to store Power Counters or other accessories. Finally, a strong magnet ensures a safe closure and keeps your valuable deck securely protected.

* Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility



  • Official premium box with color designs for each Nation
  • Designed to hold up to 50 double-sleeved cards*
  • Innovative metal-plated lock with Nation logo at the front
  • Easy access for easy removal of your decks
  • Two pockets inside the lid to present up to 4 special sleeved cards
  • Extra drawer for Power Counters and accessories
  • Strong magnets for a precise and secure closure



Product size
(W x D x H)
104 x 88 x 89 mm
Material Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining
Packaging type Window cardboard box