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Build Divide Trial Deck Vol. 06 "Ladies of the Sengoku Battlefields" [BD-B-SD06] (Japanese)

Product information


A construction deck centered on the dual color "black and red" with a Japanese taste!

Contents: 41 cards (14 types), rule sheet, play sheet
included Ultra rare ace card with glitter processing is always included in each deck!
"Princess warrior Sakuya of Heavenly Wolf Country" artwork illust: Habakiri

Also, from this time, two rare cards have been added. It became a more luxurious specification!


Black Red World's unique skill "Modify Game Rules" is now available!


A dual-color faction, each world with its own unique skills. The skill of black and red is "modification of game rules" for each territory!
In this territory, the number of cards in your hand at the start of the game and the number of initial lives will change.
With the appearance of this black and red that even changes the basic rules, the game environment will change dramatically! ?


You can fight immediately after purchase!


Starting with 4 "Ace" units, which are the keys of the deck, all cards are made up of 2 to 4 cards, so you can play as a powerful deck as it is!

A rule manual that allows you to start playing the game immediately and a play sheet that allows you to quickly understand the layout of the field are also included, making it ideal for those who are just starting "Build Divide"!


Illustration released!


"Bold Fierce Dog Kanya" artwork illust: Shinoya

“Pure Heart Presenter” artwork illust: black and white orange

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