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Build Divide Booster Vol. 07 "A New reunion" [BD-B-BT07] (Japanese)

Product information


96 card types + 125 parallel types


Building Divide 2nd Stage Begins! Introducing 4 new colors! !


Four new dual colors, black-blue, blue-white, white-red, and black-red, are now available!
Dual-color cards can be used as energies of either of the two colors, and are characterized by their unique characteristics!
Significantly change and expand deck construction and strategy plans!


The second ace with the "same title" finally joins the battle!


A second new ace card for the popular characters "Aiola" and "Melissa"!
In the tie-up series, you can also release past territory cards with the familiar title ace.
Not only new decks, but also the demand for past decks will be unearthed! !
"Immortal Guardian Aiola" artwork illust: toi8


Foil-stamped signature card information!


"Immortal Guardian Aiola" includes a stamped autograph card of popular voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki!


Adopt a new frame for all card types!


The card frame has been renewed from this bullet!
By boldly removing the frame on the top and both sides, the illustration is displayed larger, greatly improving the appearance and appeal of the card!


Box inclusion privilege!


One promotion card is included in each box (one of the two types is randomly included)


Illustration released!


“† Childhood friend † Aoi Hikari” artwork illust: Yosuke Adachi

“Spica Aristera & Dextra” artwork illust: Takuya Fujima

"Snow White of Explosion Margareta" artwork illust: Kogiko

"Valent Saint Valan" artwork illust: sena

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